Sustainability is of paramount importance to the Asteria Group. An environmentally friendly production approach for a better future is a priority issue for Asteria. We focus in particular on reducing our impact on the environment. As a result, we consciously choose the right suppliers, look for logistics solutions and ensure that sustainability is a priority in the daily organisation of the company. In the context of sustainability, Asteria focuses on many pillars.



  • All digital presses are CO2 neutral

    Asteria Group attaches great importance to environmental awareness. Every little bit helps to make the world a bit more beautiful. That is why we not only use paper that is FSC produced, but we also take the environment into account when purchasing a new press. Our digital printing presses are all CO2 neutral. Our presses are thus very energy efficient. In this way, we are committed to maximizing the environmental benefits of digital printing.


  • A strict purchasing policy for raw materials

    We offer a wide range of sustainable raw materials. The FSC paper is made from wood, originating from responsible forest management. FSC cardboard is used for the purchase of cardboard for folding boxes and of self-adhesive raw materials for label production. FSC strives for sustainable forest management worldwide, according to strict social, ecological and economic criteria. By opting for paper products with an FSC claim, Asteria contributes to the responsible management of forests worldwide.

    All materials used are recyclable. Certain raw materials contain recycled material or are even compostable. We follow all market developments closely and are always looking for innovative, sustainable solutions. In this way, the Asteria Group makes its contribution to the circular economy.


  • Careful handling of waste

    Asteria Group has modern machines that greatly reduce waste production and energy consumption. In addition, Asteria's staff are trained and made aware of how to reduce waste. The waste is not only sorted, but solutions are also constantly being sought to reduce costs and impact. The raw material waste can in many cases be recycled, think of OPP. All other waste streams are shredded, compacted and collected separately.


  • Strict water management

    Recently one of the flexible packaging members of Asteria Group has started a project of optimal and responsible water management. Using a water purification system, the rainwater is collected and buffered for use in production. The water used in production therefore comes from a closed loop system. This ensures that the water can always be reused. The solvents are then collected after evaporation and distilled for reuse. The residual solvents are broken down by means of an own biofilter installation.


  • Other sustainable initiatives

    Heat recovery and an advanced cooling system to cool machines and spaces. Asteria Group also uses solvent-free printing or cleaning products.


  • Ethical production

    Producing and acting ethically is more than important in our contemporary society. This is reflected in the day-to-day operations with all our stakeholders. A number of our companies are even affiliated with the ethical global network SEDEX.


  • Obtained certificates

FSC® Certificate



Asteria wants to contribute to sustainability. The high quality labels are therefore printed for environmental protection and are always traceable. For example, Asteria produces packaging in an environmentally conscious manner by actively participating in responsible forest management. The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) also aims to protect endangered animal and plant species and to contribute to a healthy living environment for the local population.





Imprim' Vert



The Imprim 'Vert quality mark proves that Asteria's printing plants treat the environment responsibly. For example, no substances that are toxic to the environment are used, empty ink cans and other empty packaging of hazardous liquids are removed. Environmentally friendly measures are constantly being sought within the printing plants. Finally, energy and gas consumption is monitored every quarter and research is carried out to examine where use can be reduced.






Asteria is registered with RafCycle® to collect silicone release liners and to ensure its environmentally friendly recycling.




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